The Palouse, Washington Photo Workshop

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Our photography workshops are designed for the nature and outdoor photographer, no matter what level. Each workshop is planned to provide ample time in the field to work on your photography skills while interacting with nature. You can expect to experience landscape, close up and some action photography during our time together. Itineraries are designed to take the weather, light conditions and the best photographic opportunities into consideration. We hope you will join us on one of our events very soon!

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This workshop, led by Jack Graham and Bill Fortney,  typically sells out early and often has a waiting lists. This is not a physically taxing or strenuous workshop since most locations are on paths or along the roadside.

The rolling hills of wheat, barley, lentils and canola with the addition of spring wildflowers and country roads punctuated with over 100-year-old year old barns lends itself to a photographer’s paradise. The subject matter is endless. The “Palouse” area is located in Southeastern Washington where the major towns are Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho. The Palouse is fairly remote. It’s not a tourist destination but during the spring and summer there are usually many photographers.

June is primetime for the rolling fields of different shades of green. The Palouse is a great area to develop photographic skills because light and pattern considerations are incredibly important here. The aim is to make images that portray depth, surprise and drama, while using leading lines, foregrounds and other graphic elements. I will warn you, photography in this area isn’t as easy as you may think, but that also makes it one of the best places to take your skills to the next level. Few people have visit The Palouse which means there are few photographic icons. This also means that personal vision becomes incredibly important.

EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION (not officially part of our workshop!): I’ll be heading north of Colfax by about 45 minutes on the morning the day before the workshop begins (around 8 am), going up to Sprague, Washington to photograph the old trucks in Dave’s Old Truck Rescue. You are welcome to tag along. I’ll be returning to Colfax around noon. Please let me know if you are joining me. If you are, please arrive the day before. There is no extra charge for this excursion.

We will have a meet and greet on June 6 at 5 pm. We’ll get to know each other, go over itineraries and workshop goals, then have a quick dinner before heading up to Steptoe Butte for a sunset shoot. Our workshop ends after our sunrise location on June 12 (Sunday), affording you the time to travel home on Sunday.  

All of our workshops will be attended by owners of the Fujifilm “X” System cameras and lenses. The workshops are not, however, dedicated to only Fujifilm “X” camera shooters. All are encouraged to attend!

More details regarding travel, what to bring, and accommodation will be sent to you after registration. Accommodation is not included in the workshop cost. Click here if you want to know what we’ll be working on, and click here for general information on what to bring.

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