2016 Jack Graham Photography Workshops

2016…Looking Back / 2017… Looking Ahead !

Jack’s Website          Jack’s 2017 Schedule          Jack’s 2017 Registration Forms Register Before Jan 1, 2017 and receive a 10% discount —  returnees get another 10%! CLICK HERE FOR WORKSHOP DISCOUNTS FUJI “X” [...]

Day One/ Winter Tetons 2016… some interesting weather coming!

A very strange  day in Jackson and the Tetons.... weather coming in... It sure was a cloud show today... We have some snow coming but things are not certain in any respect.... maybe 2-3" in town.. more in the park or a lot more. The forecasts have li [...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP PERMITS–for those who don’t know about these

Text and images @Jack Graham Photography Permit (bad pun) me to vent a little. Above .....My 2016 permit paperwork For you folks who don't know it,  photography workshop and tour leaders that conduct business on ANY federal or State land, need to be [...]

A Few Great Days in the Smoky Mountains

images and text © Jack Graham Photography                  www.jackgrahamphoto.com 2017 Workshop Schedule / JACK GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHY Greetings from Townsend, Tennessee, in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I am here this week to spe [...]

CAMERA BRANDS —Choosing a Photo Workshop !

Using ExifTool technology, an analysis of camera brands, lenses and how folks photograph ( data including most often used ISO settings, exposure etc) has been compiled. This information is based on about 6.7  million images from sites like Flicker, 5 [...]

Back from the Oregon Coast/ FUJIFILM EVENT in SEATTLE THIS WEEK….

Rather than duplicate what I published on our FUJI "X"Photography Workshops Site, HERE is the link where you can read about it. I continue to be amazed by the performance of the X-T2 by FUJIFILM. There are many new images on the other site. I am real [...]

It’s Not the Camera….. it’s YOU !!

Jack's Website                       2015 Workshop Schedule 2015-Schedule-Discounts-Registration ULTIMATE ICELAND              ULTIMATE NORWAY ____________________________________________________________              It's Not the Camera...... It's YO [...]

NORWAY !!!!!!

On Tuesday Greg Duncan and I traveled to the far northern reaches of Norway, to the area known as Lofoten along the western coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle. We are here to finalize preparations for our forthcoming photography adventures here [...]

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