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First, thank you for your interest in our workshops.  Like the airlines say, there a lot to choose from, and we are honored you are looking at one of ours. 

Oregon Coast Workshop 2009

Oregon Coast Workshop 2009

It’s really interesting to me that more folks don’t do One-on-One workshops. I do about 23 group workshops both domestically and internationally every year and only about 10-15 One-on-Ones. This number used to be a lot more.

I think most workshop attendees enjoy the social aspect of a group. It’s true they pick things up from each other as well as from me. Quite often I pick up things from them as well! We are always learning. 

Most of my workshops are between $800 and $1,300 for a 3 ½ day event. We typically do about 50-60% field work and the balance in an informal classroom. I keep my ratio of attendees to no more than 7 to 1, insuring the most time available for each person. 

But the real benefit of an individual workshop is that we can customize the experience to what YOU are looking for. In a group I need to be more general in order to explain things that can be understood by everyone of all skill levels.  In a One-on-One workshop, you will learn more in 1 or 2 days than in 3 or 4 days within a group.  

Here are some additional benefits:

  1. I drive, you don’t.  While driving we are usually talking photography together … a great source for information while on our way to the shooting locations.
  2. In One-on-One workshops I still make time to review images. This is an integral part of our time together. Often, we’ll review images, talk about things and go and re-shoot an area using what we discussed to improve. 
  3. On my One-on-One workshops, as in group workshops, I discuss the technical side of photography. However, I stress even more the cognitive or thinking side of making images, starting from the concept and visualization processes, and can tailor this to your personal needs. Learning to see is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.
  4. Though we all have our own methods of processing an image, there are certain things we all do, perhaps in different ways. I offer my methods, right or wrong to anyone interested. I am not a photographer who spends hours processing. I don’t have the time nor do I enjoy hours of sitting in front of a monitor. However, I do need to make my images look as good as possible and I have my own ways of doing so. I would say I am more of a “simple’” processor than some others. I prefer getting as much right with the image using the camera.

 I live near the Seattle area, just SE of Tacoma WA. For a One-on-One that is close by, my rate is $400.00 per day + expenses. If I am already on location and have the time in-between workshops I don’t charge the client for travel expenses (i.e.… if I am in Arizona already, I don’t charge the client to get me there). However I do some locations where travel expenses are paid for. It’s all up to you and where you live and what you are looking for.

To make sure you are getting the right person in the right situation for you, a phone call is the best way to determine that. I’m available to chat when we can find a mutual time.  Just let me know. My office phone is 503-625-1430 … or you can send me an EMAIL if you have any questions.