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Journey through Photography
Photographic Essays by Jack Graham
50 pages
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In Journey Through Photography, I have compiled seven essays that delve into what I like to call the “cognitive aspects” of photography. What separates average from good photographers is not the equipment or good technique. It’s learning to think as a photographer.

For most, the photographic journey begins with collecting cameras, lenses, filters, etc. with the thinking these will enable them to make consistently good photographs. Wrong! Too often in our quest for that perfect image, what happens before the camera comes out of the bag and after the image is captured is overlooked. Our eyes are only a small part of seeing and formulating images. When we learn to see from within, more powerful images will result.

My hope is these essays will inspire you to think about your photography. They begin the journey before your time in the field and continue during and after the images are captured. Learning to work your equipment is relatively easy. Learning how to express your feelings through an image is not.

This is the part of the photographic journey that separates those who own cameras from the true photographers.

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journey through photography sample page

journey through photography sample page

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