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Helpful Website Links for Nature Photography

Here are some links to useful websites that I frequently use: Weather Information, Photo Books, Magazines and Guides, and Photo Equipment and Gear, and more … 


Weather Information


Clear Dark Sky

Climate Prediction Center (NOAA)

Earth Wind

Global Jet Stream

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Time and Date, Sun and Moon

USA Tide Tables


Photo Books, Guides, and Magazines

All books by Bill Fortney

All Books by Bruce Percy

All books by Coleen Miniuk-Sperry

All books by Ellen Anon

All books by Guy Tal

All books by Mike Moats

Landscape Photography Magazine

Lens Works

On Landscape

Photograph America Newsletter

Photographing California by Gary Crabbe & L. Martres

Photographing Oregon by Greg Vaughn

Photographing The Southwest, Vol 1 by Laurent Martres

Photographing Washington by Greg Vaughn

Photosecrets (San Francisco & San Diego)


Photography Equipment, Gear and Software


I use FUJIFILM cameras and lenses exclusively and have been selected as a FUJIFILM “X” Photographer

You can purchase these camera bags and gear (and more) at Outdoor Photo Gear. USE CODE JGP10 and save $10 off their already low prices.


On1 Software

Nik Software


Helicon Focus

Topaz Labs


My Favorite Nature Photographers’ Websites

Alain Briot

Antony Spencer

Art Morris

Art Wolfe

Bill Campbell

Bill Fortney

Bob Kulon

Bruce Percy

Cole Thompson

Coleen Miniuk-Sperry

Dan Baumbach

Daniel Bergmann

Darwin Wiggett

David Cobb

David Muench

Elizabeth Carmel

Frans Lanting

Freeman Patterson

Galen Rowell

George Lepp 

Greg Duncan

Guy Tal

Harley Goldman

Ian Cameron

Jack Dykinga

Jay Maisel

Jim Brandenburg

Jim Goldstein

Joe And Mary Ann Mcdonald

John Paul Caponigro

John Shaw

Joseph Kayne

Kevin McNeal

Kit Kat Yoong

Leah Cornwell

Marc Adamus

Mary Bates

Michael Anderson

Michael Gordon

Michael Snedic

Miles Morgan

Örvar Thorgeirsson

Pete Bridgewood

Ralph Nordstrom

Rod Planck

Ryan DesJardins

Sally Thompson

Sean Bagshaw

Steve Freidman

Steve Gould

Tom Mangelsen

Tom Till

Tony Kuyper

Tony Sweet

William Neill

Zach Schnepf


Matthew Graham. Yes, this is my son who I am really proud of. His hard work is paying off with some great images.


Printing Services


West Coast Imaging