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Media Articles and Podcasts

From time to time I get interviewed for magazine articles or asked to participate in discussions that are podcast.  Below are some of my more recent media appearances.  ~JG

landscape magazine

Landscape Magazine

“Focus on Fujifilm”

January 2018

podcast - photo the west

Photographing The West Podcast

“Workshops … What makes a Great One”

September 2017

Insights in Photography Magazine

Insights in Photography is my digital magazine. Click on the link below each issue to read and/or download a PDF version. We hope the articles are informative and helpful in advancing your photography skills. Enjoy!  ~JG

Insights in Photography #4 Dec. 2014

ISSUE 4    

In this issue:

  • The Power of Monochrome
  • 2015 Photography Workshops
  • Filter Basics
  • The Story Behind the Picture: The Nash; A Junkyard in Oregon
  • Feature: Singh-Ray Filters
  • “The Insightful Landscape”: A Collaboration

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Insights in Photography spring 2014

ISSUE 3             

In this issue:

  • Building Blocks of Imagery
  • Photographic Zen – Tokyo & Beyond
  • Award Winning Photo – Ultimate Iceland
  • “The Story Behind The Picture”: Olympic National Park Stream
  • “We Are Ogden Made”: Handcrafted Bags by Gura Gear

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insights in photography - winter 2013

ISSUE 2              

In this issue:

  • Want a Photographic Challenge?
  • Preparing for Nature Photography in Cold Weather
  • “The Story Behind The Picture”: Hunt’s Mesa, Arizona
  • Puffin Pad Pro ~ Delivers as Promised
  • Featured Sponsor: Outdoor Photo Gear

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ISSUE 1        

In this issue:

  • Making A Short Story Long … Long Exposure Photography
  • Try Something Different
  • “The Story Behind The Picture”: Trillium Lake, Oregon
  • Jack Graham & Bill Fortney Coming to Outdoor Photo Gear
  • “Light of Ireland” Photo Workshop

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