The Return of MACRO and MORE !

Usually when sequels to movies come out they are rarely good ones. There are some exceptions like the Godfather 2 and others. Well hold on to your hats! Macro and More is BACK!!! (Though for now only one day–read on) First, let me say that I [...]

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2016…Looking Back / 2017… Looking Ahead !

Jack’s Website          Jack’s 2017 Schedule          Jack’s 2017 Registration Forms Register Before Jan 1, 2017 and receive a 10% discount —  returnees get another 10%! CLICK HERE FOR WORKSHOP DISCOUNTS FUJI “X” [...]

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP PERMITS–for those who don’t know about these

Text and images @Jack Graham Photography Permit (bad pun) me to vent a little. Above .....My 2016 permit paperwork For you folks who don't know it,  photography workshop and tour leaders that conduct business on ANY federal or State land, need to be [...]

A Few Great Days in the Smoky Mountains

images and text © Jack Graham Photography         2017 Workshop Schedule / JACK GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHY Greetings from Townsend, Tennessee, in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I am here this week to spe [...]